Between difused in Georgia red sorts of grape aladasturi always had distinguished place.

Aladasturi is typical Kakhetian hearth representative, as with botanical signs as with agro biological characteristics.

Aladasturi was formed in Kolkhetis ecological conditions and it was on the whole diffused in high Guria and its neighbor lower Imerety territory. Histrically and now it is introduced as plantations only in this region, because of this it might be placed in Gurian local grape sorts group. Small numbers of Aladasturi plantations are met in middle Imerety and hilly Samegrelo regions.

From economic prescription aladasturi is grape sort for wines. Its productions for its transportability can be used as local using table grapes and also is able to being conserved.

The Winery Khareba is making red dry wines from Aladasturi sort grapes.