Otskhanuri saphere is well-known Imeretian grape sort. It gives table quality red wine.

Otskhanuri saphere is local grape sort, arised from Kolkhety from cultural grape sorts forming. With its economical traits and characteristics pertains to prol. pontica subprol. georgica Negr. (11) ecological-georgaphical group.

Otskhanuri saphere is diffused on the whole in Imeretys viticultural regions. It is very well-known grape sort and guesses in Sachxere, Zestafoni, Terjola, Chiatura and Bagdati regions most.

Otskhanuri developes in almost all soils of Imerety region, but high quality production is given in humus-carbonate, wood carbonate. Otskhanuri saphere is local, late grape sort, it is diffused in middle and higher Imerety regions, on app. 112,0 hectare area. Proximate low diffusion of this sort is caused from later ripen and after froming low productivity.

On the whole Otskhanuri saphere is