Usakhelouri is local red grape sort. It is diffused in Tsageri region, especially Zubi-Okureshis micro region and gives high quality natural half sweet and table red wines.

Usakhelouri was formed from cultural grape sorts local hearth. It is very closed to local grape sorts and ascribable to prol, pontica, subprol, georgica Negr. Ecological-geographical group with its morphological and economical signs and traits and has main difference from them _ slightly noticeable hairiness (webby) on the lower side of foliages and with late time for first harvest. Generally, foliages with low hairiness and absolutely without hairiness are very rare in west Georgia.

Usakhelouri grape sort is going to prepare natural half sweet red wine. Usakhelouri wine is high quality, with intensive color, breed flavor, full body and harmonious taste.

Especially high quality wine is given by Usakhelouri in its main habit area, such as: south Tsageri region, villages located on the both banks of river Tskhenistskali, first of all must be mentioned: Zubi, Okureshi, Isundery, Ophitara, Makhura, Lachepfita and Ladzgvery.