Rkatsiteli is well-known grape sort in Georgia. Most of all it is delayed in Kkahety. It gives high quality European and Kakhetian types of table white wine.

Rkatsiteli is local Kakhetian sort of grapes. It was formed from Alazani cultural grape sorts form, which is placed in ravine of river Alazani (east side).

Rkatsiteli is well-known grape sort. It is universal not only for its strong ability of adaptation but also, from its juice is given high quality wine, rare dignity Kakhetian type wine, good quality strong and desert wine and best quality grape juice.

Rkatsiteli sort grape juice has good chemical structure. Started from physiological ripeness and until overriping, vindicates its sweetness and acids conformation.

Rkatsiteli gives high quality white table wine in its homeland – Kakhety. The wine type and quality are changing in order to feel because of separate zones of horizontal and vertical massifs.