Kisi is less known Kakhetian grape sort, which gives high quality table white wine.

Kisi is madefrom local cultutal grape sorts forming. It’s much closed to Kakhetian enterprise white wine sorts with its botanical and economic-technological traits.

After pressing out Kisi gives worthy European and Kakhetian type table wines.

From Kisi grapes are pressed table wines as thin as mixing with other types. Thin Kisi wine is always high quality.

Kisi wine unquestionably is high quality. It is brilliant, European style, yellowish straw-colored with golden expression. Bouquet is good expressed, tender, pleasant and has absolute taste. Kakhetian style wine is higher qualified, it is dark tea colored, with good expressed fruit pleasant flavor; it’s tender, full, pithy wine with harmonious, velvet taste. Kakhetian styled Kisi is undoubtly remarkable; it is masterpiece for this type.