Mtsvane is Kakhetian grape sort which gives European and Kakhetian type high quality white table wines. The name was given because of its ripe grains yellowish-green color (mtsvane means green on Georgian).

It was formed from local grape sorts arising. Wholesomely we can see morphological and economical properties and ampelographical facts, according to which it is very closed to another local sorts.

Nowadays mtsvane is diffused in east Georgia. Its basic area (96%) in placed in Kakheti, and whole areas 83% are only in two regions (Telavi and Sagarejo), left 17% are placed in another 5 regions.

Mtsvane is high quality wine grape sort. Between all white Kakhetian sorts mtsvane gives the most tender and aromatic table wine. From mtsvane are producing as European as Kakhetian high quality wines.