Tsitska is local well-known sort of grapes, it gives high quality table soft white wine. It is most used in higher and lower Imerety to produce sparkling wines (Champaign). In foreign ampelographical works tsitska is mentioned and shortly characterized as Tsitska and Chanti. Tsitska is arises from the heart of Kolkhida and with its morphological and fatigue signs is closer to this culture than another grape sorts.

Tsitska is special sort for wine-making, it gives high quality table white wine and good material for sparkling wines.

In fact, all the harvest of tsitska is spends for making the materials for European type table wines and sparkling wines. Especially high quality table white wines are making in Imerety region – Sviri, Kvaliti, Futi, Ilemi and their neighbor micro regions, on the right riverside of river Kvirila. The wines in this micro region are limpid, yellowish straw-coloured, characterized with enough expression, energy and buoyancy, and after few years become softer, harmonious and develop strong fruit bouquet.

In high Imerety, the humus from ravines of rivers Chkherimela and Dzirula on the rich with Carbonate soils Tsitska gives limpid light straw colored, joyous wine with well figured fruit flavor. High properties obtained for Tsitska first place in sparkling wines producing.

Corresponding to wine types recycling of the grape is processing in different ways. Especially tide is process of picking and assortment of grapes.

Tsitska is high quality grape sort, which gives best honour table wine and qualitative material for sparkling wine. Tsitska table wine is light strawing colored with greenish look, it characterizes with body, energy and cheerfulness, the taste is delicate and harmonious. Becoming old fashioned develops very delicate pleasant bouquet.

Tsitska wine becomes better in the process of conservation, it develops bouquet and high taste features. The wine is replaced in the bottles for aging after being kept for 3years in the casks.

Winery Khareba is producing European and Imeretinian types white dry wines and also sparkling wines.