“Cradle of Wine”, “Wine Home Country” this way they mention Georgia as the ancient wine making country. The found clay jugs with “Rkatsiteli” grape seeds aging more than 3500 years point out to the high level of development of wine-making in Georgia.

Wine is milk for old people, balsam – for adults, and a guide – for gourmets.

From scientific aspect, Georgia is a country where a man “cultivated and domesticated” wild grape.

A good wine, like a man, has its own home country. It imbibes the aroma of the homeland forever. Georgian wines and strong drinks are unique, and have original features and bouquet.

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“It is difficult to find a country where they drink so much and such a good wine”. (words of the famous French traveler Jean Chardin, XVII). Around 500 wine sorts are cultivated in Georgia (historically, there were more than 3000 sorts earlier) that is 2.5% of the entire world range.

There are 8 main seats of viticulture in Georgia: Kakheti – 80 sorts, Kartli – 72 sorts, Imereti – 75 sorts, Racha-Lechkhumi – 50 sorts, Abkhasia – 58 sorts, Adjara – 52 sorts, Guria – 53 sorts, Samegrelo – 60 sorts, etc.

A standing city of wine “Vinopolis” was opened in London, in the centre of the city, on the territory of 100 000 foot on July 23, 1999. Any person visiting Vinopolis, first, will pass by pavilion №1 named “Georgia – a Cradle of Wine”.

Georgia is a host country of the World Congress on Wine and Vine OIV 2010. Love and respect a man holding a bowl in hand as he brings only good, justice, openness and love to life.

Wine-making – viticulture is one of the strong bases of Georgian agriculture from the ancient times. “Argonauts arriving to Kolkhida saw fountains in the palace of the king of Kolkhida (the present Samegrelo) Aiet, welling out wine” and, thus, foreign conquerors, first, cut down vineyards, trying to shake the Georgian economy, like Genghis-Khan, Shakh-Abbas and others.

After devastation and ruining of Kakheti-Kartli by Shakh-Abbas, Nikofor Irbakh wrote to the Russian king Aleksei Mikhailovich: “Georgia is a rich country thanks to its specific natural conditions, cultiral diversity, people’s diligence and general culture level. Thus, it will revive soon!”

The Shah used to get wine from Georgia as a tribute which he called “The Drink of the Paradise”. This is a unique event.

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Georgia has the main geopolitical situation in the world. It is located in the West Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caucasus. Its area is 69.700km2 (at the beginning of XX century, in 1901 the territory of Georgia was 301 000 km2). Trade and wine market were well developed there. In VI BC people of different nationalities and speaking in more than 70 languages used to gather on the big wine market in one of the Georgian cities – Dioskoria (the present Sokhumi).

Georgia is a country which has maintained and cared its individuality to the being time. You can find special people in the country of specific character.
In the old days, the Georgian wine was exported to Greece, Persian Empire and Jerusalem. The University of Wine existed in Georgia circa in 800 year B.C. In the former Soviet Union the Georgian wine was of great demand and, thus, it was exported in million liters. And today people are trying to find new ways as this little country is characterized with its diversity in wine-making.